Cut Costs, Save Time

Simplify your IT environment. When you run your business from one centralized system, you:

  • Reduce complexity
  • Cut software and system administration costs
  • Say goodbye to inconsistent financial data
  • Gain centralized control over prices, inventory, offers, orders, customers and product content
  • Access all the vital business information you need, exactly when you need it

D365 Retail

Increase customer retention Get clear, Real-time information on your customers habits, preferences and behaviors, and use it to: Offer personalized deals, promotions, and customer interactions Optimize your upselling and cross-selling Align pricing and replenishment to actual demand Create effective loyalty programs.

D365 Retail - The Smart Software For The Next Generation

GoAgile Technologies serves products from LS Retail are used by retailers, restaurants & hotels in as many as 140 countries and are distributed through the partner network of more than 270 certified partners across 80 countries. LS Central, the flagship product, is a fully integrated retail & hospitality management solution that delivers the breadth and depth of functionality demanded by today’s organizations, without the need to build, manage and maintain multiple applications and costly interfaces. It is a complete unified commerce platform that is built on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, powered by Azure.